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CC Brilliant Art Work offers a wide selection of over 500 rare coins from which collectors can choose These coins are a great investment option that allows you to hold a small piece of art and history in the palm of your hand. We sell individual coins and larger collections that would be a great addition to any collection and something that can be treasured and passed down to future generations. Currently, our selection includes many rare and elusive options, such as Morgan coins, dollar coins, and more, which can each potentially be framed for you as well.

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Collectible Sports Cards

We Have Everything a Sports Collector Needs

Our company also carries thousands of rare and sought-after baseball, football, and basketball cards. These cards feature many popular players from throughout the history of these sports and we have plenty of older cards for sale. The value of this sports memorabilia is constantly rising as they become more difficult to find, so they make a great investment for fans and collectors alike. Our prices on every card that we sell are based on research and our fair assessment of their current value.

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